The School Health Research Network (SHRN) is the largest National Network of its kind in the World. It brings together: secondary schools, researchers, policy makers and practitioners from health, education and social care to improve young people’s health and wellbeing in Wales. It is a partnership with Welsh Government and Public Health Wales, collaborating closely with the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes and other stakeholders in health and education.

Schools that join the Network have the opportunity to have an individualised Student Health and Wellbeing Report every two years, that provides data on the following key emotional and physical health topics:

  • Healthy eating and physical activity
  • Mental and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Smoking and alcohol use
  • Substance use and SRE

Current member schools have identified the value of this data for:

  • The self-assessment of wellbeing
  • Planning and enriching the curriculum and informing Healthy Schools
  • Engaging members of the school community with the health needs of their learners.

School brochure (English)

Exemplar Report – Sheppard Academy 2016

Network application