Primary SHRN: Example Feedback Report

Most primary schools who participate in the Student Health and Wellbeing Survey Primary school survey will be able to receive an individualised school feedback report.* Please click on the link below to see an example of what this will look like. We will also be producing a national benchmarking report so that you can compare your results to the welsh average.

The Student Health and Wellbeing Survey Primary Schoolreport will support you to:

  • Track, monitor and plan improvements in pupil wellbeing;
  • Identify key health and wellbeing needs from the data collected using research validated measures;
  • Enhance your school development plans;
  • Plan and enrich the curriculum for example in the Health and Wellbeing area of Learning, PE, and Science;
  • Develop targeted Healthy School initiatives;
  • Engage all members of the school community with the health needs of their learners;
  • Better understand and support events such as transition to secondary school; and
  • Deliver and evaluate the Whole School Approach to mental health and wellbeing.

*Schools with too few students participating may be unable to receive an individualised report. This is because, in order to preserve student anonymity, we are only able to report on questions where at least 15 students respond. For small schools with fewer than 15 students across Key Stage 2 we may be able to provide a report with data combined across similar small schools – however this is dependent upon having sufficient numbers of small schools participating.