Network Studies

In order to to promote collaboration, high-quality research can become part of the Network’s research portfolio through our adoption process.

School Health Research Network adoption should ideally be sought before a bid for funding is submitted, it is open to PhD studentships and fellowship applications.

Benefits of School Health Research Network adoption

Researchers on Network-adopted projects will be able to access:

* Support from SHRN researchers and schools in developing studies

* Support with incorporating public involvement and knowledge exchange into your research

* Access to a network of research ready schools with a pre existing data infrastructure (baseline, school context and follow up data)

* Support with school recruitment

* Opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge with our network of policy, practice and academic partners to promote impact

* Use of Network logo and branding on project outputs and publicity materials

Being a Network adopted study can also facilitate registration with the Health and Care Research Wales Portfolio. This enables eligible studies to access the Regional Research Network which can help to set up and co-ordinate studies, recruit participants and collect data. Please see the Health and Care Research Wales website for further information.

How to apply

Please submit a completed adoption form (found below) to the Network Administrator to be reviewed by the Partnership Board. Following this, you will receive a decision and/or feedback on your project.

SHRN Adoption Form

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Network Administrator.

Network adopted studies


Mindset Teams in the Scottish education system
Kelly Morgan

Stand By Me: Scoping study exploring the acceptability and feasibility of implementing Bystander interventions to prevent GBV in UK schools’
Kelly Buckley, Rhiannon Evans
Violence and Mental Health Network

COVID Social Mobility & Opportunities study (COSMO)
Jake Anders
UKRI Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund

Adoption of Investigating academic pressure as a risk factor for adolescent depression, to inform the development of whole-school interventions.
Gemma Lewis
Wellcome Trust – Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

EEF: Review of evidence on implementation in education
Darren Moore
Education Endowment Fund (EEF)

Mapping Teacher and Pupil Experiences of Relationships and Sexuality Education in a Changing Policy Context’
Max Ashton
No formal funding requested

Psychological Health dAta SciencE (DATAMIND)- A Mental Health Research Data Hub
Ann John
MRC Data Hub

Regulating Emotions – Strengthening Adolescent Resilience (RE-STAR)
Edmund Sonuga-Barke
MRC Developing Minds

Exploring the uptake and provision of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) among ‘vulnerable’ groups: a mixed-methods study
David Wilkins
DTP PhD Studentships

Socio-economic status and wellbeing among secondary school students in Wales: an intersectional perspective
Ellie Harwood, David Egan
Welsh Government


The Wolfson Centre for Adolescent Mental Health in Wales
Stephan Collishaw, Fran Rice and Simon Murphy

Whole-school interventions promoting student commitment to school to prevent substance use and violence, and improve educational attainment: a systematic review
Chris Bonnel
Funded through ALPHA costs

Selfies, Snapchat and Keeping Safe: How do looked after children engage online? A mixed methods investigation
Cindy Corliss

Theory of Change and Evaluability Assessment for the Whole School Approach to Mental Health
Rachel Brown
Welsh Government

Review Of Statutory School And Community-Based Counselling Services And Research & Design Of A Pilot For Primary Aged Children
Rhiannon Evans
Welsh Government


The normalisation of adolescent digital dating abuse: does the Welsh Government’s ‘healthy relationship’ education curriculum meet learner needs? 
Emma Noble, Honor Young

Modelling the causal relationship between teacher mental wellbeing and student mental wellbeing using multi-level mediation to generate theory on the mechanisms underlying mental health inequality in secondary schools
Caitlin Donaldson, Graham Moore, Jemma Hawkins

Engagement for SHRN
Simon Murphy
Public Health Wales

School-based interventions TO Prevent dating and relationship and gender-based violence (STOPDRV-GBV): systematic review to understand characteristics, mechanisms, implementation and
effectiveness (Outline)
G.J. Melendez-Torres (Exeter University)
NIHR (via Exeter University)

SHRN Survey 2019-2020
Simon Murphy

Further development and feasibility trial of a Web-based programme for adolescent depression
Rhys Bevan-Jones

Examining the longitudinal relationship between problematic social media use and self-harming behaviours in Welsh adolescents
Ann John
Part of Mental Health Pathfinder


The School Health Research Network: creating regional-level impact for health, education, and social care holders
Simon Murphy
ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

Investigating the use of mentoring for improving the health, wellbeing, educational outcomes and employability of young people
Heide Busse

To support DECIPHer methodological capacity for research bid development
Rachel Brown
Welsh Government

Testing the feasability of collecting DNA from secondary-school hildren within the classroom
Stephan Collishaw 
Part of Mental Health Pathfinder

Mental Health Pathfinder: Integrating genetic, clinical and phenotypic data to advance stratification, prediction, and treatment in mental health
Jeremy Hall

Engage with Research: Exploring the Public Health Potentials of Coproduction
Peter Gee
ESRC Festival of Social Science

Integration of health and wellbeing into the school curriculum: a mixed methods investigation of preparations for Wales-wide curriculum reform and it’s impacts on health and wellbeing
Sara Long
Health and Care Research Wales

Trialling a student research advisory group in SHRN schools
Peter Gee

The School Health Research Network: creating regional-level impact for health, education and social care stakeholders
Simon Murphy
ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

Understanding outcomes for Welsh children who are placed in secure accommodation
Annie Williams
Social Care Wales

A multicentre cluster randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an informal school-based peer-led drug prevention intervention (The FRANK friends study)
James White

Mental Health Network Glasgow (Transdisciplinary Research for the Improvement of Youth Mental Public Health (TRIUMPH) Network)
Lisa McDaid (Glasgow University)

Health Action in Schools for a Thriving Adolescent Generation (HASHTAG)- South Africa and Nepal
Mark Tomlinson (Stellenbosch University)

The JACK Trial A multi-site cluster randomised trial of an interactive film-based intervention to reduce teenage pregnancy and promote positive sexual health
Maria Lohan


RCT of the school-based KiVA anti-bullying intervention
Judy Hutchings

Wellbeing in Secondary Education (WISE) CUROP placement
Jill Grey
Cardiff University

The implementation of young people’s research advisory group (based on the model of ALPHA) within School Health Research Network (SHRN)
Joan Roberts

Promoting evidence based school health policy and practice to improve pupil’s health and well being
Joan Roberts
Cardiff University

The role of schools in supporting positive social relationships to improve school engagement, wellbeing, and substance use outcomes among young people in care: a mixed methods study
Graham Moore
Health and Care Research Wales

The implementation of young people’s research advisory groups (based on the model of ALPHA) within School Health Research Network (SHRN)
Peter Gee
ESRC Festival of Social Science

Caring lives: What do young people who care for family members need to thrive? An empirical investigation (PhD)
Ed Janes

High caffeine energy drinks: prevalence and opportunities for intervention (PhD)
Manal Alhumud
Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau

Engaging low-income families in school-based health interventions: A case study of Food and Fun clubs in Wales (PhD)
Amy Bond

School Holiday Enrichment Programme (SHEP) Evaluation 2017
Kelly Morgan, Linda McConnon, Graham Moore, Jemma Hawkins

Children’s and adolescents’ experience of emergency department and CAMHS Crisis Liaison Team service provision following presentation for self-harm: Systematic review and qualitative study
Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Scourfield, Colin Powell, Ruth Turley, Lucy Biddle, Antonio Munoz-Solomando, Sarah MacDonald
Health Care Research Wales

Pre-intervention exploration of how teachers and stakeholders understand and theorise mental health and wellbeing in Welsh primary education (PhD)
Stephen Jennings
Health Care Research Wales

Does Local Authority care make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children? Longitudinal analyses of a retrospective
Sara Long

Understanding alcohol advertising exposure in secondary school pupils: the role of age in media engagement
Rachel Brown
Cardiff University SOCSI Research Committee

What works centre for children’s social care: Research partner proposal
Donald Forrester

Understanding secondary effects of parental alcohol use on young people’s health and educational outcomes
Emily Lowthian

The role of schools in supporting positive social relationships to improve school engagement, wellbeing, and substance use outcomes among young people in care: a mixed methods study
Graham Moore
The Wales School for Social Care Research


The CHARMING study: Choosing Active Role Models to Inspire Girls
Kelly Morgan (Cardiff University), Alison Fildes (University College London)
Cancer Research UK

Well-being and Health in Schools Project (WHISP): Phase I
Nina Gobat, Simon Murphy, Rhiannon Evans, Michael Robling (Cardiff University)
Wellcome Trust ISSF Public Health Collaboration Fund

How can interventions integrating health and academic education in schools help to prevent substance misuse and violence among young people? A systematic review and evidence synthesis
Chris Bonell, Tara Tancard (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Rona Campbell (University of Bristol), Adam Fletcher (Cardiff University), James Thomas (University College London), GJ Melendez-Torres (Warwick Medical School)

Children and young people’s self-harm and suicide research collaboration
Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Scourfield, Nina Jacob (Cardiff Unviersity), Ann Johns (Swansea University), Astrid Janssens, Tamsin Ford, Christabel Owen (University of Exeter), Paul Stallard (University of Bath), Judi Kidger, David Gunnell, Becky Mars, Lucy Biddle (University of Bristol)

Development and feasibility testing of a school-based programme to prevent childhood burns (PhD)
Harriet Quinn-Scoggins, Alison Kemp, James White
The Healing Foundation

Development of methodological guidance for the coproduction of health interventions: Targeting wellbeing in secondary schools to prevent mental health issues (PhD)
Hayley Reed

Peer led interventions to reduce drug use (ASSIST + Frank)
James White, Laurence Moore, Simon Murphy, Rona Campbell, Chris Bonell, Adam Fletcher

Developing a teacher training programme for a Group Motivational Interviewing intervention to prevent alcohol misuse in secondary schools (GMI-Alc)
Simon Murphy, Jemma Hawkins, Nina Gobat

Impacts of e-cigarette regulation via the EU Tobacco Products Directive on young people’s use of e-cigarettes and tobacco: a natural experiemt
Graham Moore, Simon Murphy, Britt Hallingberg, Linda Bauld, Anne Marie Mackintosh, Laurence Moore, Linsay Gray, Marcus Munafo

Can alcohol media literacy training for children and young people prevent alcohol related harm? A realist review of what works for whom and in what contexts
Rachel Brown, Adam Fletcher, Simon Murphy


The School Health Research Network (SHRN): Building Research Literacy and Evidence-informed Practice
Simon Murphy, Joan Roberts, Gillian Hewitt, Adam Fletcher
ESRC Accelerator Funding

Co-production, feasibility testing and pilot RCT of Positive Choices: a school-based social marketing intervention to promote sexual health, prevent unintended teenage pregnancies and address health inequalities in England
Chris Bonell, Liz Allen, Diana Elbourne, Farah Jamal (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Adam Fletcher, Honor Young (Cardiff University), Rona Campbell, Christine Barter (University of Bristol), Juliet Hillier (Brook)

Mental Health in Schools – RCT of an intervention to improve mental health support and training for secondary school staff (WISE study)
Judi Kidger, Rona Campbell, David Gunell (University of Bristol), Rhiannon Evans, Simon Murphy (Cardiff University), Tamsin Ford (University of Exeter)

Behavioural and decision making sciences in healthcare – GW4 Network
Paul Harper (Cardiff University), Iain Gilchrist (University of Bristol), Martin Pitt (University of Exeter), Christos Vasilakis (University of Bath)
GW4 Building Communities Programme Initiator Fund

Research literacy for the Welsh Baccalaureate: a scoping study
Behnaz Schofield, Adam Fletcher, Hayley Reed, Nina Gobat (Cardiff University)
Wellcome Trust

E-cigarette use among young people in Wales: mixed methods research (PhD)
Elen de Lacy

Exploring theory, context and implementation of substance misuse policy in Welsh secondary schools (PhD)
Luke Midgley

Promoting the utilization of health improvement evidence by schools: Knowledge Translation (KT) intervention development in Welsh secondary schools
Ruth Turley

Understanding perceptions and utilisation of school-level tailored health profiles from a complex systems perspective: a mixed methods evaluation (PhD)
Hannah Littlecott
MRC and Cardiff University

Increasing physical activity in pre-school aged children: systematic review, individual participant meta-analysis and intervention pilot (PhD)
Ruth Kipping, Russ Jago, James White