School Impact

SHRN has successfully recruited 100% of maintained schools in Wales as members, thereby embedding itself into the school health improvement system at the local level. We work closely with both education and health sectors in Wales, supporting schools to work with regional health bodies, such as the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes, and local authority services.

We encourage all network member schools to update us on how they are using their SHRN data and how the network can support their evidence-informed health action planning.

These quotations were taken from School Health Research Network evaluation forms:

“The School Health Research Network is now a central piece of our school’s self-evaluation processes. Along with other data sets it allows us to measure progress in aspects of our school’s approach to the health and wellbeing of students. In addition we can now compare our feedback against other schools across Wales and helps us hold the mirror up to our practice and provision. Alongside this the Environment Questionnaire helps me as a senior leader to explore the links to curriculum design, leadership and community based resource opportunities.”

Andy Williams

Deputy Headteacher Monmouth High School

“Good to network with other schools. Links with researchers. Support with policies/ new guidance.”

School Teacher

“Very useful set of data, pleased that Estyn are interested in using it and demonstrate how much they value it.”


“It is enormously beneficial for us to get a raft of data which can be considered by staff, pupils and external agencies to analyse and organise programmes.”

Headteacher, South Wales

“Being a member of SHRN gives us as a school, access to up to date and relevant research, support and information.”

Assistant Headteacher, North Wales

Take a look at our Voxpops, recorded at our Summer Event in 2018, to hear what teachers and Healthy Schools practitioners have to say about being part of the network:

Please note that this voxpop mistakenly lists Alun Williams as Jonathan Miller