Regional Impact

Access the Interactive SHRN Data Dashboard

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Survey results about the health and wellbeing of secondary school aged children in Wales are presented in an interactive dashboard for the first time by Public Health Wales. The dashboard has been created in collaboration with Cardiff University’s DECIPHer team. The aim of the collaboration was to help users view some of the SHRN survey data at a lower geographical level than ever before. The dashboard contains 32 different topics for three years of the survey (2017, 2019 and 2021), with views available for gender, age, family affluence and different geographic levels. 

Local authority level Student Health and Wellbeing Reports were released for the first time in autumn 2018, following local demand for SHRN data. These reports have been shared widely amongst local health and educational service teams.

You can download an exemplar Local Authority report from 2018 here:

The network encourages local authority bodies and schools to work together to promote healthy school environments, including supporting curriculum changes and health action planning.

The network encourages local healthy school coordinators to take part in termly webinars and to attend network events every summer in order to strengthen their evidence-informed support for schools.

Here is a quote from Estyn’s report on Newport City Council:

Local authority officers recognise the need to understand and address the mental health of children and young people. For instance, educational psychologists have used action research to design the ‘Arrow Project’ to support secondary schools in their work in this field. These professionals are working with three schools to help pupils and staff understand mental health issues. Educational psychologists have used data from the national ‘Schools’ Health Research Network’ project to identify and provide beneficial training on pupils’ greatest mental health concerns. For example, they have worked with pupils to improve their sleep routines and address their anxiety over body image through interactive workshops. However, it is too early to judge the impact of this work on improving the mental health of pupils across the local authority.