Research briefings

Children in Care

Wellbeing in young people in foster care in Wales

Sexual health outcomes for young people in state care

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Adolescent self-harm prevention and intervention in secondary schools

Summer holiday experiences and mental wellbeing on return to school

Mental wellbeing and transition to secondary school

Physical Activity

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour in young people in Wales in 2014

Relationships and Sexual Health 

School Practices Important for Young People’s Sexual Health

Dating and Relationship Violence: victimization and perpetration among young people in Wales

Smoking and eCigarettes

School smoking policies and student use of tobacco, e-cigarettes and cannabis

Electronic cigarette use in young people in Wales

Have electronic cigarettes made smoking seem normal again to young people?

Trends in youth smoking, cannabis use and their association

Supporting Wellbeing in Schools

Preparedness for roll-out of national school reforms from the perspectives of school staff: Findings from the School Health Research Network 2020 School Environment Questionnaire

Wales-wide school reforms – Future roles for schools and reform aims

Wales-wide school reforms – Complex Space Between Vision and Success

The role of school support staff in student health and wellbeing

Health and Educational Attainment: Complementary or Competing School Priorities?

School composition, school culture and inequalities in young people’s health

School commitment to health and implementation of health improvement activities


Gambling behaviours and socio-emotional harm among 11-16 year olds in Wales