Benefits for schools

Individualised Student Health and Wellbeing Reports

Schools that join the Network receive an individualised Student Health and Wellbeing Report every two years. This is based on learner responses to an electronic Student Health and Wellbeing Survey which schools undertake. These reports provide member schools with data on key emotional and physical health topics with national data for comparison. These include:

* Healthy eating and physical activity
* Mental and emotional health and wellbeing
* Smoking and alcohol use and other substance use
* Sex and relationships

The reports include supportive text with suggested whole school approaches, up-to-date research findings and links to supportive national agencies. Healthy School Scheme staff around Wales are keen to support schools with any actions arising as a result of their data.

Current member schools see the value of this data for:

* The self-assessment of wellbeing
* Engaging all members of the school community with the health needs of their learners.
* Planning and enriching the curriculum for example in PSE, PE and Science
* Informing Healthy School initiatives

The data in the reports can complement other data the school collects e.g. attendance, attainment.

Termly Webinars and Newsletters

To ensure regular contact and to communicate relevant research findings on health and wellbeing, a webinar and newsletter are produced on a termly basis.

Webinars are broadcast on weekday afternoons, after the school day, and include a presentation by a researcher followed by an opportunity for open discussion. Recent webinars have included:

* The Importance of Relationships to Staff and Student Health
* Good Breakfast, Good Grades?
* School composition, school culture and inequalities in young people’s health

The newsletter contains information on upcoming network events and webinars, opportunities to be involved in research, school experiences in using their student data and emerging school health research findings in easily digestible research briefs.